Back to the Start

Getting a Caddy has always been top of Joe’s list. It’s ideal for his work as a joiner, it’s perfect for fitting his mountain bikes in and it makes the perfect micro camper for our surf trips to Woolacombe (and other adventures)

Back in May, we travelled up and down the country looking for the perfect one. We started to become a little disheartened as ones that we were test driving weren’t as perfect as we thought until we found a navy blue one in a local garage. It was the right price, mechanically sound so we drove it home the same day!

It was already ply lined when we got it which saved us a task to start with. We removed the bulkhead as it restricted space and also made it feel too much like a work van. I sanded the plywood down to start with so we had a good fresh base ready for a coat of paint.


We have never done anything like this before so the design of what we want is constantly changing. What we started with was a great idea, as you will see in the ongoing blog posts, but we know we will be able to massively improve it, I think once you have camped in something like this, you slowly start to realise what is important/what works and what needs changing.

Our next blog post will be going into more detail about the sleeping arrangements and also our first ever camp out in it.

We really hope that you enjoy our journey!

Becky & Joe

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