Walls and Floors

Getting rid of the plain plywood walls and making it a lot more fresh was an important step before camping in it or it would have felt like sleeping in the back of a work van!

We decided to just paint the walls white to start with to make it fresher, brighter and cleaner.


Looking back now we could of maybe used a more expensive paint as we come to find out that it actually washes off, which isn’t ideal when you want to perch on the wheel arch in a wetsuit whilst eating lunch and then walk back down the beach with a white bum.

With the flooring, we wanted something hard wearing. You see a lot of campers with carpeted walls and floors but that wouldn’t be ideal for putting muddy bikes in or wet camping gear.

We decided on some lino, a gorgeous Moroccan tile design to really jazz it up and make it look different.

Neither of us had any experience with fitting lino, but we figured it out pretty easily.


(Excuse the blurry photo)

We used spray adhesive to fit it, even with all the doors open the van still smelt very strong of solvent, and mixed with the paint fumes meant Joe had to drive to work with the windows down for about a week. It’s all worth it though!


The finish was pretty impressive to say we aren’t expert floor fitters.

We were now ready for our first adventure!

Becky & Joe


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