What We’ve Been Waiting For..

Yesterday was a very exciting day as we were able to pick up our upholstry! Granted it was a bit later than we were expecting and it meant Joe had to go on his way home from work but we’ve got them, and just in time for our weekend away!

We had them done at Regal Furnishings which is based in Ilkeston. They specialise in caravan/motorhome, yachts, RV’s etc so we knew we had made the right choice as they obviously know what they’re doing. It’s not far from us so it was also really convenient to organise collecting.
Their website is www.regalfurnishings.co.uk/  if anyone is interested in checking them out. This isn’t a paid promotion for them but we are both just so impressed with the quality of what we recived, the service there is great. Mick sorted us out, helped with the price and gave us a lot of advice before we made the final decision.

We love them! We decided on the grey being the main colour, firstly to make it lighter as we were worried a lot of the blue would make it feel a little dark in such a small space, and secondly it really goes with the grey of the dash and the front seat so everything flows really well.

Diamond stitching was on the top of the list if what we wanted. We both thought it would make the cushions a lot more interesting and gives it a bit of depth, instead of just a flat plain cushion.
They are vinyl, we looked at the real leather (then thought we would probably need a massive bank loan to fund it) so settled for vinyl, it looks exactly the same, was cheaper and it’s wipe clean so instead of having cloth which we didn’t think would have been ideal, especially with sand and mud and water ending up in the back it would be a nightmare! The foam is 4inches thick, we were advised that this is one of the most common sizes for caravans and its also comfy and not too thick so we can still sit up ok.

They are all fitted with a zip too which is great just in case we ever need to replace the foam or have to access the foam for some reason. (I know it’s usually to wash them but I doubt we will ever put the cushions in the washing machine)

We had a little extension cushion made too. We only wanted it plain grey as it will only come out when we are using the bed so didn’t see the point in more work to have diamond stitching on that too.
Obviously, us being us, we can’t just get something and be 100% happy, we had to figure something out to fix it to the walls and then we could sit back and be content.

We had bought a box of strong velcro that we thought would be ideal, however the velcro itself didn’t stay on the vinyl so it was back to the drawing board. Also us being us, it had to include power tools and wood.

We came up with the idea of slipping some wooden battens inside the cushions (thankful for the zips!) then screwing the velcro on the outside of the cushion through to the wood to make it secure. We did two, one on each side of the cushion.

Next job was then screwing the other side of the velcro on to the wall. This now means you can rip the cushions off without the velcro coming off, it’s perfect! We did a few test pulls to make sure it was sturdy enough, and it is!
We wanted to get it done last night as we are slowly running out of time before the weekend, tonight will be packing, packing, packing!

Stay tuned for a round up next week about our first weekend away of 2017!

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