We are Back!

Apologies for the lack of posting. We have had a wild few months. I had to have an emergency operation to remove my appendix, we holidayed in Croatia and then we quit our jobs and moved into a great little flat in Ilfracombe to start a new life by the sea.. so y’know, nothing major haha!

I have felt bad for not posting anything but due to the run up to moving and being poorly we haven’t really had time to go on any adventures and document it but as of this weekend that will now all change as we are now so close to the places we love and the South Coast that we will have no excuse not to enjoy things and get out there!

We chose to live in Ilfracombe as it is only 10 minutes away from our favourite beach at Woolacombe, the housing is affordable, it is close to the town of Barnstaple where Joe is working and from our flat it is a 3 minute walk to the sea front so we are getting the best of both worlds. Our flat is really ideally located (even though it is on the top floor and it is exactly 49 steps.. but at least we will be getting fit) we are close to a supermarket, the high street, the sea and most importantly.. pubs!

We have been here for a month now and loving it. We both knew it was perfect for us as we are able to have a better lifestyle compared to where we used to live in Nottinghamshire. We can now go surfing after work and the drive home is minimum (usually driving “home” from Woolacombe to where we used to live took 4 hours so we are now definitely living the dream!) We have never once sat and thought we have made the wrong decision. I urge anyone who has ever wanted to do something like this to do it! Life is too short and there is never the perfect time. We just made the best of everything that happened in the run up to the move and we couldn’t be happier now.

I can’t wait for all the adventures we will be able to go on and all the parts of Devon and Cornwall we will be able to discover now places are so much closer. We have planned a trip to the Eden Project this weekend coming which is going to be great. We have both been when we were little but can barely remember it so it’s going to be lovely to go again. We are planning on doing the Zip Line when we are there (I honestly don’t know why I agree to these things but least I will be able to say I’ve done it) and then head over to Perranporth to stop over and surf.

It’s going to be so much fun being in the van again, I don’t think I sleep as well as I do when I’m in the van for some reason! We have booked a campsite for the night this time instead of roughing it, just to treat ourselves but it will be just as good!

Please keep checking our page for updates now, like I say, I have no excuse not to update you on our adventures as we will be having loads!

Becky & Joe