First Surf Trip of the Year

We set off this morning for our first surf trip of the year! We decided to go up to Cayton Bay as it’s not too far away from us just for the day and also the wave predictions weren’t huge so I could really get good practise in.

When we arrived at the car park there was only one other vehicle parked up and that was another caddy! We decided to have a little walk down to the beach before we got all our gear out, just to check the sea wasn’t completely flat, and then have a cuppa soup to warm us through before before braving the North sea.

We haven’t had our cushions upholstered yet (they are in the process of being done though so watch this space!) So that meant we sat on towels on the wooden frame but it was quite comfy so not a big deal

Joe came up with a nifty idea of using our bed extension as a little shelf for the camping stove. Its the perfect size and a good height for when you’re sat down on the sofa. As you can see, we eventually came up with a solution to hold the extension flap up. I think it’s great because it’s just so easy to put up and the cord doesn’t take up any room and its securely tied on to the wood so we won’t loose them.
Impressively, we also managed to get our wetsuits on inside the van so we were sheltered from the wind which was a bonus. I’m sure most of you know how much of a struggle it is to actually get in one so being able to wrestle ourselves in, in the back of a swb VW Caddy is pretty impressive.

We have the boots, gloves and some waterproof hats which is a must at this time of year, especially in the North Sea and I was so thankful for them. It wasn’t at all cold actually getting in the sea and waiting about for waves and I seriously think its our gear that helped. We spent a good couple of hours in there, we were the only people in the sea apart from various dogs and a couple of people kayaking and I bet everyone thought we were mad as they walked past, all bundled up in hats, scarves and coats but I’m so glad we did it, we had so much fun and I really improved from when I first got in. I usually bodyboard and Joe is the surfer but I really enjoyed myself and it was a nice change to have a big board (just a chuffin nightmare carrying the thing up the beach in the wind!)

In the car park at Cayton Bay there are toilets (which you have to pay 20p to use but I always find the quality better if you do), hot showers (!!) and a couple of changing shelters. We paid £2 to park all day so this meant we had use of those facilities. It was lovely peeling your wetsuit off and standing under a steaming shower, its grear that they can offer such a luxury haha.

After we had shoved all our wet stuff in our drybag and took the fins off the boards it was time for another soup to warm us up before heading home.

We decided to just lay the boards in the back of the van as we have the room and we don’t have to faff about strapping then down (trying to lift them on the roof in the wind never ends well).

All in all we had such a fun day but we will definitely sleep tonight! We are both so excited for all the adverntures we will be getting up to this year, it felt great to be out in the van. I would say “hurry up warmer weather” but we have both proved today you don’t have to wait for summer to have fun!



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