As I’m sat at my desk on a really grey gloomy Wednesday I’m getting this strong feeling of Wanderlust. I know Joe will be feeling the same whilst he’s at work too.

We are in desperate need of getting our cushions upholstered and the final few bits of the bed finished so we can head off at every available chance to see the country. I’m all for going abroad, but I think whilst we are saving for a house etc we should explore what the UK has to offer because there are so many hidden gems that I can’t wait to discover!


We really love Devon, as you can tell from most of our posts but we want to widen our horizons. I’m thinking Isle of Skye, Fort William, Lake District, Cornwall but I’m sure we will find places along the way too.

If anyone has any UK destinations that they would love to recommend then please email us; caddycamper.blog@gmail.com  

We’re both really excited to hear from you and about all your adventures!






2 thoughts on “Wanderlust”

  1. Love what you have done with your caddy, I also have a swb caddy we use for camping they are an ideal camper.
    You have given me good ideas for a bed as we sleep on a air bed which can be cold.
    Your bed is excellent leaving so much space so much better than a rock n roll bed.
    Many Thanks Pete

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    1. Aw thank you so much! We love to hear that we have helped people 🙂 yes we love the bed to sofa idea as you have quite a bit of floor space unlike the rock n roll style. If you need any more tips or advice then let us know!


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