Got Wood?

We both wanted the van to look stylish but the painted plywood wasn’t helping at all with the look we wanted so we decided on tongue&groove cladding to the walls. Think Swiss Alp Style but on wheels..

Again, this is something we haven’t really done before but it all went surprisingly smoothly!


Before we started the cladding, we had to prep the area. We took down the existing plywood and insulated behind it (we decided to use the foil/bubblewrap looking insulation) We then put the plywood back up so we had a nice level base for the t&g.

Because our plan is to camp in it the majority of the year, the insulation, plywood and cladding combination will really help to keep heat in.

We stained the t&g to give it a better finish and then when it was all secured in place we put our pictures back up on the wall. All of the pictures mean something to us, one was a gift, 2 are from our trips to Dublin and one is an oil painting by Steve PP in Woolacombe.



We think the wood finish really makes it a lot more homely inside, waking up to wooden walls instead of blank white walls is a lot more refreshing. We just need to make a start on the ceiling soon! We are thinking a collage of old maps so it’s something interesting to look at when we are lying in bed.


We found this National Trust sign in a pile of rubbish near to the Little Roadway campsite and thought it a shame to leave it there to rot so instead we plucked it out and fixed it to the door. It draws a bit of attention and people always think that we stole it! It’s just another memory added to the back of the van from our travels.


We bought this Woolacombe sign too because it’s where we like to spend our weekends in the summer, surfing. It’s got a great pub, great beach and a great camping spot (which is technically just on the road side, but it’s a great view in a morning when you open the side door.


(Waking up on the Esplanade on a summer’s morning in Woolacombe)


Stay tuned, the next post will be more present, as it will be about the building of our new bed frame structure, which is still being done so you will be up to date almost with our conversion.


Becky & Joe


One thought on “Got Wood?”

  1. Nice job. I like the style, keeping the ceiling white and the t&g on the walls. I think it can be overcome the t&g. Also all the pictures and signs, I like that. It gives more personal meaning to what you are doing. very nice. joel

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