First Ever Weekender

We went down to Woolacombe at the end of May for the Bank Holiday weekend for our first camping trip.


We got stuck in quite a bit of traffic on the way down as we naively left at peak time and we seemed to had spent ages on the M5, frustrated as we just wanted to be on the beach!

We had booked ourselves on to a campsite called Little Roadway which was in a lovely location not far from the beach (it’s on top of a very steep hill though!) The campsite is basically a field with no designated pitches so when we arrived we headed for a nice quiet spot by a hedge for some privacy.


We had surprisingly good weather for a Bank Holiday, we had expected rain but were thankful for the weather as we had planned to BBQ all our meals.

We got to work setting the bed out before heading down to the beach so we didn’t have to worry about it when we got back.

The basic structure of the bed was 2 wooden crates and 3 sheets of plywood hinged together. Whilst travelling, the crates were used as storage for all of our things. Once we parked up we emptied everything out (luckily it wasn’t raining) and moved the crates in to position for the plywood to fold out on top of them, resting also on the wheel arch boxing.


This created a sturdy base ready for the airbed to be blown up on top.


We liked to use our bedding so we felt like we were at home instead of struggling with sleeping bags!

The whole assembly process was easy and lying in bed for the first night felt great as we were happy that it actually worked out.

We ended up staying for another night as we were so comfy and the weather was so good.

Looking back now at what it was like when we first started it all is funny because at the time it was a great set up but we have learnt lots of things along the way and improved it to make our experience a lot more fun.

Becky & Joe



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